Saturday, 25 February 2012

Wedding Photographer Sussex: First Wedding of the Year

Today sees me shoot my first wedding of 2012. Its been what seems a long time in coming but as much as i love photographing weddings, the few weeks break has been good.

I have managed to fully recharge my batteries, enjoy some quality family time and have even undertaken some personal projects for the first time in years! Its been good to have some non-wedding images to share here and the alternative "work" has enabled me to try different things and techniques, some of which can be adapted to become part of my wedding photography offerings as i constantly strive to evolve and improve year on year.

As the end of the week was approaching i have become restless, excited and eager for today to arrive. I took time to go back to basics as my wedding bag, a Think Tank Retrospective 10 hasn't been used in anger for a while.

It was time to unpack all my kit, give each lens a once over and clean and the same for the cameras, flash guns etc. All my batteries were discharged and recharged and the bag repacked just the way i like it on a wedding day.

My spares case, a Think Tank roller bag was also unpacked, checked and re packed for the first time in months so everything is tip top and ready for action.

The start of the wedding season always sees me excited and nervous at the same time and fortunately i have a great one to kick off the new year, at the wonderful Wiston House in West Sussex, one of my all time favourite venues. My couple are great and the team at Wiston are always welcoming, professional and superb. This should all help to make my day easier and fun and i can't wait to share some images with you in a week or so.

Its all too easy to become slack and complacent when preparing to photograph a wedding after having shot so many, so the break has been a good thing and i can't wait to go!

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