Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sussex Photographer: Voiglander Vito First Test film

I love my Voigtlander Vito B!

I have just had my first test roll processed and scanned. I elected to try a roll of Ilford's XP2 as this was the only roll of 35mm i had left in the fridge!

Using the camera was a challenge but very refreshing. After trawling the internet, i found a few articles about how to use the stunning little Vito. Basically focusing seems to be a bit of educated guess work, but in the main the on-line advice regarding focusing distances and depth of field worked , when i added my experience to the show. I probably lost about 20% of the roll due to "poor focus guesses", but then i was expecting that as i tried a couple of ideas to prove/disprove the on-line advice.

The day i shot the film was cursed with very bland flat light but at the end of the day, it was more about a systems check.

The negatives seem to be a tad over exposed. I used the readings i took from my Sekonic L-358 meter but in the main its going to be nothing too much to worry about. The lens itself seems to be fine and considering the age of the camera, produces very pleasing tonality and sharpness.

I am sure with further experimentation i am going to have a lot of fun producing personal images from this little camera and i will share my favourites here from time to time.

OK. Here are a couple of shots from the first 24 exposures. Both images are from scans from my lab and have been processed in Photoshop using my own actions.

Eastbourne seafont on a very cold, bleak day.


Karen and Bertie



  1. The framing of the first picture is prefect so it hasn't affected your timing, it's not the camera :)

  2. Very nice Pete. I'm still checking the shutter for accuracy, whilst running a film through (lens cap on) My Vito has a built in selenium meter which is working and seems accurate. Cheers Nigel

  3. Very nice! I've just bought a Mamiya C330 TLR and have a few rolls of 120 in the fridge to use so will be playing with that very soon!!
    Makes a refreshing change to play with a 'proper' camera! ;-)

  4. Funny Claire, as i went into the camera shop thinking of trying and possibly buying a Mamiya C330 that was in the window. Whilst i was waiting the Vito caught my eye and at £35 it was a no brainer! Might pop back for the 330 if i pass again.

  5. Nigel: you have the modern post 1957 version! LOL

  6. We are glad to see that you are enjoying your personal shooting Peter. You captured scene very well and the framing of the first image is excellent.

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