Saturday, 7 August 2010

Think Tank Retrospective 10: Initial Thoughts.

Just wanted to post my initial thoughts and observations about my new Think Tank Retrospective 10 bag.

I own a number of camera bags but find that none of them satisfy my needs entirely. I have had a Lowepro Pro Roller 1, a Pelicase, CCS, Billingham as well as a couple of Crumplers.

All were good in their own way, but each one developed some shortcomings as my style and method of shooting evolved and needs changed.

In April i splashed out on a Think Tank roller case (report will follow when i get time) as i need a case to fit into the hand luggage baskets for weddings when i need to fly. My Pro Roller is excellent but doesn't quite fit in. The new Think tank should get past this problem.

Anyway, back to my new bag.

I wanted a bag that didn't scream camera bag, wasn't too big but held my essential kit comfortably. I shoot with two bodies for parts of the wedding and need to carry a couple of small lenses, a flash gun, batteries, business cards and a drink bottle. I also wanted a more supportive and comfortable strap to reduce the pressure on my shoulders and back. Shooting long hours at a time really can become uncomfortable and any little thing to help is a bonus.

My bag easily carries my spare SLR body with a 85mm 1.4 lens on, my 10.5 fisheye, 50mm 1.4, SB800 speedlight, a water bottle, batteries and business cards. I could add more kit, but this defeats the object. My other kit sits in the boot of the car in my Think tank case.

Mine is in Pinestone rather than the usual "photographer black" and is really understated,

It is quite compact, well made and full of nice features and touches; a well thought out bag in almost every way.

I particularly like the Hook and Loop “Sound Silencers” on the front flap which eliminate noise while opening the bag; a great touch when shooting ceremonies or trying to avoid attracting attention to yourself. The velcro is very strong and the noise as you try to open the inner compartments very intrusive so this offers security with the option for bag silent opening.

I like the neat inner zip compartment and one on the outside as well. They offer a secure and neat place to put memory cards and business cards, small brochures etc.

I use the front pocket to hold my flashgun, spare glasses and a few extra batteries, just in case. All held with ease.

So far i have used the bag on 3 weddings and one small commercial shoot and have had no problems with comfort or build quality. My initial impression is that the construction is as good as any bag on the market and for me at least the bag suits my needs perfectly.

I love being able to carry one body and lens but have the second body available in a flash, if i leave the top flap open. I do shoot with the hook and loop "sound silencers" being used so it is very quick to pull out my second body should i need to grab a shot with my longer 85mm lens.

Would i recommend it. Yes i would without hesitation. There are other options for including lens changer bags, so if you need a larger bag or a different option i am sure there is a bag for most photographers.

Here are couple of images grabbed as i arrived at last week's wedding.



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