Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wedding Photographer: A Photo of Me in the Six Bells Toilets!

Its not often i get to be photographed. Quite fortunately for the world's photographers i should add!

Last week i met up for lunch with my very good friend, Leo Ferenc, videographer and owner of the mad Coco Photo Booths. Leo is a terrific videographer and great fun to spend a couple of hours with, putting the world to rights!

We were forced to pop down to the wonderful Six bells Pub in Chiddingly, which must be one of the best pubs in the UK! Leo had just picked up a brand new Canon 5D mark 3 and was keen to try it out.

So in a packed pub, i had my arm twisted and "modelled"...if that's the right word...although it doesn't seem appropriate when i am the subject.

After his various attempts to get something he was happy with we decided to look for an unusual or interesting background and ended up with me in the gents because of the amazing wall you can see in the image below. Leo had only bought his 85mm 1.2 lens so had to stand outside in the main body of the pub with his foot in the doorway to keep it open.

It was such a laugh as we ended up with a small audience who joined in the hilarity and were full of wise cracks.

Anyway, Leo emailed me a couple of images and this is my favourite. I have it in colour on my Facebook profile page but i prefer this version that i have processed in Photoshop.


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