Monday, 30 April 2012

Motorsports Photographer: BSB at a Very Wet Brands Hatch

Every year i try to attend a round or two of the British Super Bike Championship at the amazing Brands Hatch, one of my favourite circuits.

Bikes and bike racing are a huge passion of mine and i grew up watching the likes of Barry Sheene from the early days of his career right up to his last year in Grand Prix.

Jacob and I decided to attend on Easter weekend, and of course after a superb March, it decided to rain hard all day on race day. Despite the cold and wet, there was a large crowd present and some exciting racing for most of the day.

I took along the D3s with my 180 f2.8 lens to see if i could capture anything through the catch fencing that encases the Indy Circuit.

We watched from the last series of corners as the bikes were lent over and the riders used their amazing skills to tip toe the bikes round as if on ice, before blasting through Clearways onto the start finish straight.

The spray hung in the air all the time and i have to say that camera and lens performed heroically throughout.





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  1. Nice job peter,I love Brands too but I hate the M25 I might try to get to Silversone for a few meets when the weather gets better. maybe BSK,WSB & MotoGP.