Saturday, 31 March 2012

Photography Training: Last Call for My Wedding Photography Seminar at SIM2000

11th April 2012 at SIM2000 Imaging in Hertfordshire.

Unlike a lot of "trainers" i still shoot regularly and generate all of my family's income from professional photography. I remain one the South East's busier wedding photographers and shoot weddings all over the UK and abroad.

At my forthcoming seminar in Hertfordshire for SIM2000, i will be talking about the reality of being a wedding photographer and building and running a real wedding photography business. Guaranteed to be HYPE AND BS FREE it should be fun. Hopefully the truth won't upset too many people who deserve to know the truth.

The day will give an insight into how i have built and run my business on a day to day basis as well as sharing lots of images and a few full weddings to really allow delegates into my head and see how i operate and what makes me tick. Working from home can be tough but i will explain who i make it work around my very important family life.

You can read more about the day here.

I spoke for SIM2000 last year and the day sold out quickly and i understand that most of this year's places have gone already so if you want to attend please get in touch with the guys at SIM2000 as soon as possible.


You can view my wedding portfolio here.

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